Vincenzo cassano

Department of Pathology, Rome University, Italy


  • Commentary   
    Pharmacology and Pathophysiology of Nanotoxicology
    Author(s): Vincenzo cassano*

    Nanomaterials have at the least one number one size of much less than a hundred nanometers, and frequently have homes specific from the ones in their bulk additives which can be technologically useful. Because nanotechnology is a current development, the fitness and protection outcomes of exposures to nanomaterials, and what degrees of publicity can be acceptable, isn’t but absolutely understood. Nanotoxicology is a sub area of expertise of particle toxicology. Nanomaterials seem to have toxicity outcomes which can be uncommon and now no longer visible with large particles Nanoparticles have tons large floor place to unit mass ratios which in a few instances may also result in extra pro-inflammatory outcomes in lung tissue... Read More»

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